Approval Date Review Date Committee to review
Accessibility Policy November 2016 November 2017 Environment Committee
Accessibility Plan  Nov 2016 Nov 2017 Environment Committee
Administration of Medicine Policy March 2014 March 2015 Governing Body
Admissions Policy 2017 - 2018  Annual update  Annual update School Improvement Group / LA Guidance
Anti Bullying Policy  March 2014  March 2016 School Improvement Group
Attendance Policy July 2014 July 2015 School Improvement Group
Behaviour & Discipline Guidance   February 2016 Personnel Committee
Behaviour Policy September 2016 September 2017
Charging & Remissions Policy March 2015 March 2017 Governing Body
Child Protection Policy

September 2016

September 2017 Governing Body
Child Protection Procedures March 2014 March 2016 Governing Body 
Collective Worship statement     Foundation Governors
Complaints Procedures July 2014 July 2015 Governing Body
Confidentiality Policy      
Critical Incident Recovery Plan County Updates   Governing Body
Curriculum Policy November 2014 November 2016 School / School Improvement Group 
Dealing with allegations of abuse  
Drugs Education Guidance     PSHE Coordinator / Link governor

Early Years Policy



School / Link Governor

E Safety Policy September 2016 September 2017  
Exclusion of Pupils  July 2015  July 2017 Personnel Committee
Freedom of Information     LEA Governor
Gifted  Talented Policy     School Improvement Group
Governors' Visits Policy March 2017 March 2018  
Governor Visits Forms     Governing Body
Greenford Code of Conduct Policy September 2016 September 2017  
Health & Safety Policy  September 2016 September 2017 Environment committee
Home / School agreement Annually   School / School Improvement Group
Inclusion Policy      
Intimate Care Guidance      
Lettings Policy     Environment Committee
Monitoring & Evaluation September 2014 September 2015 School / School Improvement Group
Pay Policy November 2016 Annually Sept  Pay Committee
Physical Restraint     Central Government guidance link
Payment of Governor allowances March 2017 March 2018  Governing Body
Prevent Extremism and Radicalisation Policy September 2016 September 2017  
School Governors - Code of conduct     Governing Body
SEND - School offer January 2015 January 2016

SENCO / Link governor 

SEND Policy March 2016 March 2017

SENCO / Link governor 

SEND Information Leaflet July 2016 July 2017

SENCO / Link Governor

Sex Education and PSHE November 2010 November 2014 School / School Improvement Group
Sex and Relationships policy 2015.doc  May 2015  May 2019  Governor for PHSE
Single Equality Policy November 2014 November 2015 Governing Body
Staff Appraisal (Teaching staff) March 2017 March 2018



Staff Appraisal (Support staff) Guidance September 2013    County Updates
Staffing Structure Annual update  Annual update Personnel Committee
Standing Orders November 2014 November 2015 Governing Body
Target Setting Guidance Annually   School / School Improvement Group 
Whistleblowing Policy January 2013 January 2017 Finance Committee