Christian Distinctiveness


As a Church Voluntary Controlled Primary School within the Diocese of Salisbury, Greenford Primary School works hard to develop and sustain the school’s Christian distinctiveness. 

Our Headteacher and governing body have a clear vision of a school with a distinctive Christian character. Our Governing Body is made up of a majority of Foundation (Church) Governors. We work in partnership with The Rev Tim Greenslade and The Rev Linda Wilcock and the Church of St Mary’s.

Our School is founded upon core values of friendship, forgiveness, respect, perseverance, honesty and courage and time is spent exploring what is distinctively Christian about these particular values. Many other values are explicitly taught throughout the school day such as; respect, courage, trust and gratitude.

We strive for excellent relationships making our school a harmonious and cohesive society – growing together and learning for life.

Greenford School Values